Ladybird Music Productions

Ladybird specialises in creating a big sound for smaller musicians with straight recording, mix and masters to adding desired tracks. We believe that everyone, irrespective of talent can make beautiful music if you can overcome your inhibitions and let your creativity flow. At Ladybird we guide you on the journey of discovering your innate musical self. Make music a reality!Ladybird Music Productions is a recording studio created by musician and songwriter Sian McMillan to enable artists and musicians, big and small, to bring their musical dreams to life.

With a passion and talent for “hearing” a final product from a single tune or idea, Sian endeavours to compliment each artist’s individual style and will work side by side in a relaxed and friendly environment to achieve an amazing single, demo, EP, album or just a personal project. From recording to mixing to mastering, Ladybird has got it covered.

Sian McMillan, the founder of Ladybird Music, has an encouraging and open approach to artists and believes that extraordinary results come from the smallest ideas. With music being her passion, she will give each and every project her full and undivided attention and will pull out all the stops to fulfil each individuals dreams.

As a multi instrumentalist, Sian can provide all the sounds required for each song and for the instruments she hasn’t yet mastered, she can call in from her extensive list of very talented musical contacts. Sian also excels in the science of recording, the art of mixing and has the ear and patience required for mastering and works with all the top gear and programs to achieve the best results possible.

No project too big or too small, no genre off limits, no idea too crazy!