Tuition is available for voice, guitar, keyboards and drums. Ladybird has a full selection of acoustic and electric instruments which students can use. The aim is to focus on practical skills to get students singing or playing in the shortest possible time. Whether you want to play to yourself, family, friends or a wider audience, Ladybird will develop your musical skills as well as your confidence to get you performing.


The Ladybird studio is set up to record multi-instrument and multi-track in a “live” or “studio” configuration. We specialise in producing your music to a professional level and can advise on harmony, instumentation, and structure. We can supply expert musicians in most areas to add texture and complexity to your tracks. Once the recording process is complete, a full mixing and mastering service is also available.


Learn the intricacies of bringing your words to life in a song. You’ll learn about the structure of verses, choruses and bridges as well as tempo and dynamics. You’ll be amazed how a few lines and a rudimentary tune can be transformed collaboratively into a fully formed masterpiece. Sometimes all it takes is an outline idea and you can turn it into a song.


There is nothing like a live performance to sharpen your musical skills. At Ladybird we specialise in bringing your performance up to a point where you can be confident to perform in front of people. Gaining the confidence to get up in front of people to sing and play represents to rewards of your hard work learning your instrument and training your voice. Ladybird can help arrange your first gig in a safe and friendly environment and coach you to perform in public.