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Over the last three years I have had three original albums produced by Sian McMillan at Ladybird Music.
I came to Sian with nothing but lyrics, an untrained voice and limited ukulele skills. Sian added harmonies, creative ideas and a collection of instruments to make my songs complete. Most importantly, she also understood the “feel” or vision I had for my music. The finished product was amazing and kick-started a whole new world of performance opportunities for me as my confidence grew.
This was a “first” for me. I always loved to write and sing (in the shower) but I never in my wildest dreams thought it was achievable to take it to the next level. Sian’s easy going nature and respectful, non-judgemental approach created the safe environment that I needed to make this happen.
I have a mountain of respect for the abilities of Sian McMillan at Ladybird Music. I intend to go back to her with a new collection of songs and record another album before the year is out.
If you are thinking of trying something like this, I would encourage you to give it a go. I now perform at gigs from time to time and have been able to realise goals that I never thought possible.
Thanks Sian – I could not have done this without you!
Wishing every success to Ladybird Music for a bright future.
Noreen Gould (aka Little Tree)
Noreen Gould
Little Tree


When i first started talking to other artists in the local scene about tuition, Sian came highly recommended as a teacher and a talented musician in her own right.
Over the last year as a student at Ladybird, her patience, her guidance and encouragement has given me the confidence to perform to the crowds with full voice and guitar in hand.
Sian's skills and intuition when it comes to studio techniques and audio engineering have delivered top-quality custom-tailored recordings for posterity, thanks to her versatility as a multi-instrumentalist and a natural ear for creating beautiful soundscapes!
Thank you Ladybird, for sharing the gift of music."
Shaun Coffey
Shiver n Shake


My daughter has been taking voice and guitar classes with Sian for over a year.
Sian has been an amazing teacher, inspiring my daughter and supporting her in all her music endeavours.
Sian has provided some great opportunities for my daughter to perform and record music and also encouraged and supported her to pursue her own song writing.

Thanks Sian!
Erin Ashbolt